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May 30th, 2006 by Sean Seamus :: 3 Comments

As would be expected in the ever-changing dynamics of catering, you never quite know who you are going to run into at a party. I have run into a high school acquaintance and a couple I knew from college years ago who showed up at a remote hillside wedding two states away. I’ve run into […]

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job search career illustration webcomics comic books animation anime manga If you live for your art, then you probably have the infamous "day job". If so, you'll like "Diary of a Catering Waiter". It's my take on the catering industry, though anyone familiar with any service industry work, would appreciate the levels of weirdness that can happen among the martinis and gourmet food, tuxedoes and weddings, flowers and Napa wine. Always a surprising time to be had at any event. Stay tuned to find out about the hijinks involved with catering waiters, event planners, wedding crashers and all the lowly people waiting for the slice of catered food when the party ends. (Who Links Here?)