Sean Seamus  

Timed Feedings

October 17th, 2006 by Sean Seamus :: see related comic

Feeding time at the aquarium. Someone thought it a delicious idea to arrange a sit-down dinner among the dank and musty odors of an aquarium. It seems to break that cardinal rule of omnivores: don’t remind the eater literally where their food comes from.

Serving sea bass would seem the obvious no-no nearby the once endangered Giant Sea Bass. The clamminess of your neighboring newt, the dim lights and sinister hum of pumps and unseen engines would recall the uncomfortable aspects of the watery world; dining in the bowels of the ship instead of at the captain’s table.

However, for a group of executives, there is a certain tunnel-vision aquired possibly, a kind of peripheral blindness that is part of their natures. Would one eat lamb at a petting zoo?

7 Responses to “Timed Feedings”
polly poo pie wrote:

ha ha ha love it

pa-gina wrote:

This imagery still makes me laugh!

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