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ca•ter•ing whore, n: someone who works for hire, serving, bartending, at any variety of event or function, bearing no allegiance to one company, accepting any shift possible, working as often and as long as necessary to make ends meet and to buy stiff drinks at the end of the day and/or create art; synonym: catering mercenary.

This webcomic series “Diary of a Catering Whore” is based on my experiences as a waiter/bartender among high society in San Francisco. Some episodes are true as the bluest sky while some are more fictional recreations of typical catering happenings or characters. Even aspects of seeming exaggeration are never terribly far off the mark. You’d be surprised what people do. When in doubt, just ask me.

About Me

I am a cartoonist arty type living in San Francisco who used to have the odd job thing going as a catering waiter/bartender. Thankfully, those days are in the past. But I’m still bitter enough to do a strip about it. Enjoy! :) (Read: sardonic, “passing whore d’oeuvres” smile.)

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